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    •    As a new-generation light source, LED boasts the advantages of high brightness, high power, low heat emission, long lifetime, non-toxic, recyclable and so on, and is called the most promising environment-friendly light source of the 21st century. On the basis of practical application, the LED market is further divided two sectors: visible LED (general lighting) and DUV LED. Nowadays, excessive investment has turned the blue & green LED sector into a fiercely competitive arena, while the DUV LED sector seems to be forgotten. With its broad market prospect, DUV LED will become a new R&D and investment hot spot globally.

         DUV LED technology is developing rapidly in recent years. It has been successfully applied to household appliances, water & air purification, communication, medical treatment, personal care, environmental monitoring, R&D, anti-counterfeiting, data storage, military industry and so on. As DUV LED technology develops, its application will continue to replace the application of previous technologies. According to statistics, the potential application of global DUV LED market is around $10 billion. Yole Development forecasts that by 2015, the annual growth rate of global DUV LED will have exceeded 20%. It is estimated that by 2020, the potential application of DUV LED market will have exceeded $150 billion.

         There are only two companies that boast the technological capacity to produce DUV LED chip in large volume in the world now. QD Jason is the only GaN-MOCVD manufacturer in China. In 2002, our company successfully developed the first 2-inch single-wafer GaN-MOCVD with proprietary intellectual property right. And our company successfully developed 2-inch three-wafer GaN-MOCVD and 2-inch six-wafer GaN-MOCVD in succession. We produce DUV LEDs with wavelength ranging from 260nm to 320nm, and have successfully applied them to the following areas: water sterilization, air disinfection, food fresh-keeping, medical treatment and personal care.  

             We look forward to cooperating with agents and distributors all over the world and build a win-win platform together. 

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