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      • Title:Deep UV-LED Contact Lens Cleaner and Sterilizer
      • Introduction:

        Deep UV-LED Contact Lens Cleaner and Sterilizer

           It is said that eyes are windows to the soul. Nowadays, contact lenses have become an essential part of life for tens of thousands of people worldwide. That’s because they are easy to wear and can change your look, which satisfies people’s needs for convenience and beauty. “Our products will make your eyes bright, clear and radiant with unique luster.” We can often hear this kind of slogans from companies that produce contact lens and cosmetic contact lens.

        Characteristics and Advantages

        ·Adopting ultrasonic cleaning technology, this cleaner and sterilizer can thoroughly clean the surface and pores of the contact lenses, while keeping their softness.

        ·UV exposure is a physical sterilization method. It leaves behind no toxic chemicals or residue, and does not foster drug resistance.

        ·This cleaner and sterilizer achieves 99.9% kill of most bacteria found on toothbrushes within 2 minutes. Upon completion of this process, it will come to an automatic stop.

        ·This cleaner and sterilizer can reduce the use of care solution, thus saving the cost of use in the long run.

        ·Low power consumption, energy-saving and environmental-friendly

        ·Small in size, sturdy, durable and portable

        ·Can destroy pathogens attached to the contact lenses very safely and effectively; won’t cause any UV harm

        Safe and Secure, Won’t Cause any UV Harm

           Contact lenses can be viewed as foreign bodies placed on corneas, so there is certain amount of friction every time the wearers blink their eyes. By covering the corneas, they also cut off the contact between the eye and the outside world. Furthermore, protein, lipid and collagen in tears all deposit on the surface of the lens, making it a fertile ground for bacteria growth. Besides, contact lenses themselves may become contaminated with dust and micro-organisms during handling and exposure to the environment. Therefore, contact lens must meet strict sanitation requirements. Experts and doctors have emphasized the importance of having a strict daily cleaning and sterilization habit for contact lens wearers. Though many users knew these warnings by heart, they fail to clean and care for the contact lenses due to the complicated and time-consuming cleaning procedures as well as a lack of cleaning and sterilization standard. As a result, their eyes are very likely to be infected by bacteria and they are prone to various eye diseases. Researches have shown that conventional cleaning and maintenance methods cannot eliminate the bacteria, and DUV LED is the best choice to kill bacteria on the contact lenses.  


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