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      • Title:Deep UV-LED Portable Sterilizer
      • Introduction:

        Deep UV-LED Portable Sterilizer

        Health Tip

        In May 2012, the well-respected medical journal Lancet Oncology reported that chronic viral or bacterial infection is responsible for 23% of cancer cases in developing countries. The most common examples are liver cancer induced by Hepatitis B virus and gastric cancer induced by Helicobacter pylori; many of the patients are unaware until the disease has become worse. In public places, people are constantly exposed to virus and bacteria, from transportation hubs to schools to restaurants to restrooms and especially hospitals. Therefore, it is of vital importance to form good personal hygiene habits and disinfect those objects at your side on a regular basis. But when going out, it’s impossible for people to rely on such disinfection methods as high-pressure steam and ethylene oxide. However, ultraviolet disinfection is a very reliable inactivation method which can be applied to all microorganisms.

        Product  Features

        Featuring high efficiency, environment-friendly, security and long life, this sterilizer employs an advanced AlGaN multiple quantum well solid state light source consisting of a single module with three semiconductor chips.

        As a physical sterilization method, UV exposure doesn’t generate any chemical by-product, and boasts the characteristics of non-toxic, no residue, no peculiar smell and no secondary pollution.

        Broad-Spectrum Germicidal Function: This sterilizer can deliver UV dosage enough to directly kill a broad range of bacteria, viruses, parasites and other pathogens.

        Currency-Detecting Function: This sterilizer can be used to detect products with fluorescent anti-fake watermark, such as currency, invoice, brand name tobacco and alcohol.

        Memory Function: With its capacity ranging from 8GB, 16GB and 32GB, this sterilizer can provide stable storage and high-speed data transmission. Its service life has become longer because of the adoption of original A-level flash memory particles.

        This sterilizer is small in size, low in energy consumption and easy to operate. The battery, when fully charged, allows at least 30 times (30 minutes).

        This sterilizer can be used over 12,000 times.

        Can be used in various situations:

        It can be used to sterilize bowl, chopsticks, spoon, cup mouth in public restaurants and scan your cellphone for disinfection.


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