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      LEDs are very sensitive electronic components. Cautious handling is recommended. Mishandling could result in device failure.

      (1)Operation: Avoid touching the upper surface of packaged DUV LED with bare hands, especially non-hermitically sealed LED such as SMD package, otherwise it can cause lead and chip damage. Grease on hands can contaminate the device, causing UV light absorption. When handling DUV LEDs, use tweezers to hold the ceramic or aluminum body.  

      (2)Heat Dissipation: For any package, heat-conducting glue must be used to connect the bottom with heat sink or PCB when DUV LED is operational, otherwise it can seriously affect DUV LED’s lifetime. (Our company can provide heat sink for 03WG series’ samples.)

      (3)Static Electricity and Moisture Protection: For LED storage, moisture-proof and anti-electrostatic package with absorbent material is strongly recommended. LEDs may be kept for one year with the original package unopened. UV LED chips are ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive; static electricity and surge voltages may seriously damage chips. So

       ①Equipment and machinery handling LED chips must be properly grounded.

       ② Antistatic gloves must be worn whenever handling or operating these devices.

       ③ LED chips shall be stored in moisture-proof and anti-static containers such as antistatic bag and dry cabinet filled with nitrogen.

       ④The package shall be kept at ≤30℃ and ≤60% Relative Humidity (RH).

       ⑤ LED chips shall be soldered within 24 hours after opening the package, if not, the chips shall be stored in a dry cabinet filled with nitrogen at 16-30℃ and 45-60%RH. It is recommended to package the LED chips in workshop at 16-30℃ and 45-60%RH.  

      (4)Soldering: When applying reflow soldering, low-temperature soldering (Max Temperature: 150℃; Max Time: 2 minutes) is recommended. If high-temperature soldering must be applied, the temperature shall be kept within 260℃ and the time shall be kept within 10 seconds. Reflow soldering shall not be done more than twice. For SMD package with optical component (such as lens), high-temperature soldering can lead to adhesion failure and shall be avoided.  

      (5)Safety: Deep ultraviolet LEDs emit ultraviolet light, which is potentially harmful to skin and eyes. Avoid direct or reflected exposure to UV light when LED is in operation. Always wear eye protection, gloves and protective garment during DUV LED operation. Common protective gloves, sunglasses, glasses and so on can also prevent penetration of deep ultraviolet light with wavelength shorter than 320nm.

      (6)Environmental Protection: Our products are RoHS certified, and don’t contain heavy metal and toxic compounds.

      (7)After-sales Support: If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service staff. Our company is not responsible for any consequence resulting from mishandling or operation without following instructions.        

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