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    • 2001 The company was established; QD Jason became the only company in China which specializes in the R&D and sales of high-end GaN-MOCVD equipment.

      2002 Successfully developed the first GaN-MOCVD with independent intellectual property right in China.

      2005 Successfully developed 2-inch 3-wafer GaN-MOCVD.


      2007 Successfully developed 2-inch 6-wafer GaN-MOCVD (State 863 Project).


      2009 Through fund-raising and reorganization, QD Jason received investment from two levels of government — Qingdao Municipal Government and Laoshan District Government. In the meantime, we introduced to our company a high-level technical team made up of returned Doctors.


      2010 Using the GaN-MOCVD equipment independently developed by our company, we built the first DUV LED production line in China and successfully manufactured 280nm DUV LEDs, taking the country’s DUV LED industry to the world-advanced level.


      2012 We successfully commercialized our proprietary technology and developed a series of DUV LED application products. 


      2013 The company’s DUV LED products successfully entered the fields of household appliances, scientific research, medical treatment and so on.


      2014 UV Sterilizers for Household Appliances and Electrical Appliances with Similar Purpose; Member of the National/Industrial Standard-Drafting Working Group.

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